About us

Photoneo creates “eyes for robots”: high-quality, easy to use 3D area sensors. We also create a “visual cortex” for robots: we teach them to pick objects and navigate in space.

Photoneo was established by a team of visionaries and talented engineers focused on 3D.

Our vision is to give robots human-like eyes.

We don’t want to deliver “another” machine vision system; we are going to change the whole definition of machine vision by introducing new hardware and software solutions.

Our mission is to:

  1. produce valuable 3D scanners (static scene) and 3D cameras (dynamic scene) and support our users with game-changing SDKs and APIs,
  2. change the traditional 2D machine vision approach in the industrial environment and bring to the market unique devices with new functionalities. With our new devices, manufacturers will be able to build more flexible production lines and robot integrators will get a powerful tool for new applications.

Photoneo’s product portfolio is based on many years experience with 2D and 3D vision systems. Our deep scientific research was transformed into unique technology and products. If you are interested in how our technology works you can find more on our Technology page.

With our patented technology of advanced 3D vision cameras, we are setting the new benchmark for smart vision systems. We are cooperating with leading industrial suppliers to deliver outstanding sensor performance to drive the future autonomous systems ranging from collaborative robots, drones, self-driving vehicles to unbeatable face-recognition and enhancing human vision in augmented reality applications.

Expected delivery of our game-changing 3D camera is planned for Q2 2018.

Our products are powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson™ embedded platform.

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