Software Tester (Junior)

Your career at Photoneo will start with a training on how to operate our software first. Afterwards, your primary responsibility will be to validate reliability of new SW releases, and thus to contribute to keeping our commitment to provide best in class machine vision software to our customers. Your initiatives and improvements proposals are welcome along the way.

Detailed job description


Web Developer

We’re looking for a web developer who for developing and maintaining a web-based application, used to configure a complex industry process in a simple and user-friendly way. It also requires enriching the application with fancy new features continuously.

Detailed job description


Junior Support Analyst

Photoneo cares about our customers and want to establish a responsive and reliable team to address every customer query. We will train you to the level of an advanced user of our hardware and software. You will be responsible for receiving customer queries, leading to a quick and complete resolution to maintain high level of satisfaction with our hardware and software products.

Detailed job description


Technical Sales Representative/ Sales Engineer (Germany based)

Technical Sales Representative supports activities of sales team in the field when more technical insight is required. He/ she is able to provide live demonstrations of our 3D Scanner, Camera, Localization SDK or Bin Picking configuration interface, hold a technical peer-to-peer discussion with a customer and chair technical training sessions.

A suitable candidate needs to have capabilities to master our solutions and technologies at an advanced user level. 80% of the working time will be spent with conducting feasibility studies at customer locations in Germany (entire D-A-CH potentially).

Detailed job description


Project Manager – Delivery

Photoneo is looking for a colleague who will help our clients to deploy our Bin Picking and other custom projects. Successful applicant will be the key point enabling our customers to utilize the most advanced technologies combining vision and robotics in their automation projects.

Detailed job description


Senior Machine Vision Engineer

You will design and implement approaches to solve problems in various fields of 3D processing, such as object recognition, image processing, or compression; will follow a create-implement-test loop in a close cooperation with other researchers and programmers.

Detailed job description


Senior Software Tester

Photoneo combines unique 3D scanner and camera with the set of software tools to get the best out of it. We will teach you how to operate Photoneo software first. Your role will be to validate if all the new releases are as reliable as previous ones and we keep our commitment to provide best in class software for our customers. Of course, you can also propose new features.

Detailed job description


Software Developer

The developer will assist in developing a complex software solution in connection with 3D scanning, including image processing, user interface. He/she will get a smaller, specified part of the project to finish autonomously, and also to maintain and debug a part of the code. He/she will have the opportunity to discuss his/her creative ideas with the team. Senior colleagues will always be ready to provide an advice.

Detailed job description


Warehouse and Billing Specialist

Experienced in warehouse accounting and inventory record-keeping? Become a Warehouse and Billing Specialist at Photoneo! Our young and growing financial team is looking forward to a new teammate.

Detailed job description

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