• Insert CAD model

    Optionally specify a gripping point.

  • Capture 3D scene

    Get best quality scans from PhoXi 3D scanners.

  • Get localized results

    Respecting specified gripping point for collision avoidance.



Bin picking

Randomly placed parts are scanned by PhoXi 3D scanner model M. Localization SDK finds exact parts positions and selects the one that can be gripped. Our custom path planner guides Universal Robot 5 to pick selected part avoiding collision and to place it into the form for injection molding. Partner: ROMI Industrial Systems.7

More about bin picking


  • Simple to use graphical user interface for configuration of localization process

  • Robust detection and localization of occluded parts with respect to potentional gripping point

  • Parallel, simultaneous localization of multiple instances, asynchronous results stream


Getting started

SDK package contains

  • standalone GUI application for easy configuration of localization process
  • Visual C++ sample project to demonstrate the use of localization library

Request a full version

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We're ready to consult any of your object manipulation application.

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