Senior programmer

Senior programmer – Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Job description:

Senior programmer will lead a team of 3-6 programmers, working on a complex software solution.They will design the solution, split the work into smaller packages, assign it to programmers, or implement critical or very complex parts themselves. They will help others to resolve complex issues. They will oversight code quality, timeliness and reliability of the solution.


  • profound knowledge and experience in C++11 (14)
  • managing software projects
  • experience using git or similar tool
  • ability to avoid “planning fallacy”


After a quick introduction, you will get a  problem description. You are expected to raise questions and refine the problem, do a quick research, propose and discuss the ideas how to approach the problem. In part, implement one or more ideas to test in practice, and also distribute among the rest of the team. You are also responsible for overseeing the delivery of work and fine-tune details of the approach.

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