Application Engineer

Application Engineer acts as a trusted advisor to customers. We are looking for someone who excels in the ability to use the company’s 3D scanning devices and related software tools and whose knowledge will help customers solve their machine vision and robot guidance problems. Person in this role will actively participate in pre and post-sales activities for key customers where he/she will act as a technical point of contact.

Application Engineer will analyze, collect and share customer needs with the product management team and prepare case studies for marketing. Application engineer is also the one, who gets first hands on with our products to test them and prepare demos and may also contribute to product design, improve functionality and documentation.

Core responsibilities

  • Acting as a technical point of contact for sales and key customers:
  • Reviewing customer opportunities, clarifying and documenting business case
  • Designing solutions, analysis of technical and financial feasibility
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Collecting and categorizing customer feedback for product management
  • Preparing and giving trainings, contributing to knowledge sharing
  • Guide and help customers with installations, suggest improvements
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Exploring new uses cases, preparing content for marketing
  • Contributing to testing and writing documentation


  • Experience with industrial systems, robot programming, machine vision
  • Education or proven experience in computer science or software engineering
  • Fluency in English, any other additional language is an advantage
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical thinking, detail oriented
  • Practical problem solver
  • People experienced in system integration (consultants, field engineers, automation specialists)
  • Researchers or scientists with good communication skills and practical approach
  • Sales persons with strong technical background

Essential attributes

  • Friendly customer approach
  • Motivated by problem solving, and willing to research beyond own knowledge
  • Good at mathematics, having programming experience and knowing basic programming concepts
  • Team player
  • Good listening skills
  • Fast and eager learner


  • Unique working opportunity in Slovak company producing state-of-the-art 3D Vision systems that are deployed over the whole world
  • Experienced and motivated team members eager to do a great job
  • Multicultural working environment
  • Room for personal and career growth
  • Travel opportunities, extended stays in the US or China
  • Flexible schedule
  • Option for remote as well as onsite work
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