DevOps Engineer

Salary: From 2000 EUR/m. (gross)

Location: Bratislava


DevOps Engineer / About position

Job description, responsibilities and duties:

“We are looking for a balanced mix of “soft” and “hard” skills in a fast and changing environment, where personal decisions and reliability are essential.”
– Adrián Krátky, Director of Robot Vision –


  • Develop, implement and migrate DevOps processes
  • Automating software build, test and integration processes
  • Automating deployment, monitoring and IT management processes
  • Develop and implement monitoring tools and platforms
  • Design and build Docker/Kubernetes platforms
  • Design and develop deployment environments
  • Automate processes for security and compliance requirements
  • Advise on the usage of DevOps products and services

Employee perks, benefits:

In Photoneo you can personalize your benefits.

You can choose one benefit from the MAIN package, where you will find:

  • Year-round public transport ID ticket
  • Recreation allowance
  • Year-round health care in Procare
  • Training, conference or other educational activity which is not a typical part of compulsory rides to the position, but related to the performance of the profession
  • Opportunity to make your work environment more comfortable (whether it’s a new desk, chair, or headphones)

Your flexibility is important for us:

  • Home Office whenever you need
  • Sick days when you’re not feeling well
  • Flexible working time with core time 10:00 – 15:00
  • Attendance based on trust and responsibility, we do not “clock in and out”
  • Parking in the garage if you need a car to get to work
  • You will find experts on different tech topics here who enjoy solving problems.

Financial bonuses:

  • Generous referral program
  • Newborn/wedding bonus
  • Annual bonus up to or exceeding 13th salary
  • To make your stay in the office more comfortable:
  • Wide range of goodies and fruit
  • Massage in the office
  • Chill-out zone with ping-pong table and VR

We employ more than 200 people worldwide


  • Version control (git)
  • Solid expertise in Linux
  • CI, CD (Jenkins CI, Spinnaker CD,...)
  • Configuration management
  • Deployment automation (Ansible, Saltstack)
  • Containers (docker, podman, buildah)
  • IaC, Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Excellent Communication and Collaboration skills
  • Programming skills (at least with Python/other high level languages)
  • Technical Support and Maintenance skills
  • Proactive and reliable personality


2 000 EUR a month and more according to experience

Zamestnávame viac ako 200 ľudí po celom svete

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