Product Manager

Salary: 2.000 € gross

Location: Bratislava


Product Manager / About position

“Join us and work on the best robotic eyes in the world!
What is a robotic eye? From our point of view, it’s a 3D camera that is able to scan 3D space. The output of the device is a 3D point cloud, which is used, for example, in the industry for object recognition and robot navigation. Do you want to know more about the product you would be working on?

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What else do you need to know?
We won the most prestigious awards in the field of machine vision. We are motivated to do things the best we can and to make them as useful as possible for our customers.”

– Marcel Švec, Director of 3D Sensing – 


A Product Manager has deep expertise in the field of 3D vision and skills to identify, collect, and analyze customer needs in order to define changes in given product lines. The role requires cross-functional leadership and communication skills between engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams.

The purpose of the role is to guide the success of a product by shaping strategic product decisions. The Product Manager:

  • Ensures that our products fulfill market needs (customer satisfaction)
  • Identifies opportunities for product innovations and enhancements, oversees competition and market trends
  • Supports other teams with necessary product knowledge and expertise
  • Ensures that the product is promoted and sold via optimal sales channels and that the sales model fits both the sales channel and market expectations
  • Participates in product presentations
  • Creates and maintains product documentation


Zamestnávame viac ako 150 ľudí po celom svete


  • Secondary education with school-leaving examination
  • Follow-up/Higher professional education
  • University education (Bachelor's degree)
  • University education (Master's degree)
  • Postgraduate (Doctorate)
  • English - Advanced (C1)
  • Number of years of experience in the technology sector: 2
  • 2+ years of product management experience
  • Knowledge in the area of 3D vision is of advantage
  • Knowledge in the area of technology is a must
  • Attention to detail
  • Strategic thinking /planning
  • Creativity
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • HW backround in the industry is of advantage


From 2.000 € gross and more according to experience

Zamestnávame viac ako 150 ľudí po celom svete

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