Delivery Project Manager for Automated Warehouses

Salary: 2.200 € gross

Location: Bratislava


Delivery Project Manager for Automated Warehouses / About position

The team you will be joining delivers fully automated warehouses using mobile robots, 3D scanning, and Artificial Intelligence. Your job will be to coordinate the effort of multiple teams to deliver these kinds of solutions across Europe.

You don’t have experience with robotics or computer vision or AI? We can teach you, if you have analytical thinking and communication skills, but we do require you to have previous experience in project management. Best if your experience is with solution delivery where software and hardware were included. 

– Peter Janičkovič, Head of Project Management and Delivery –

Duties and Tasks

  • Understand and focus on project objectives
  • Create and maintain project management essential artifacts
  • Communicate with team members and customer and make decisions
  • Measure and control performance and quality on dedicated resources 
  • Evaluate the quality of deliverables, identify the possibility for improvements
  • Propose technical, functional, and process changes to achieve better results
  • Document the project management process and report to stakeholders
  • Encourage teams to discuss and collaborate in order to deliver

Perks and Benefits

  • Personal and career growth opportunity
  • Working in a dynamic environment
  • Working with high-end technologies
  • Opportunity to be a part of the worldwide projects
  • Company car also for personal use
  • Company phone also for personal use


We employ more than 200 people worldwide


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Driving license and driving experience 
  • English C-1
  • 2-3 years in the field related to project management
  • Fluent communication in Slovak and English (verbal and written)
  • Analytical thinking
  • Capable of making decisions
  • Ability to learn new things 
  • Self-organized person able to work independently
  • Track record in various Project Management domains (planning, controlling, integration, coordination)


2.200 € gross and more according to experience

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