Senior QA Engineer

Salary: 2.200 € gross

Location: Bratislava


Senior QA Engineer / About position

“At the Sensors department of Photoneo we develop and produce machine eyes that were recognized with the most prestigious awards in the field of 3D machine vision and that currently support more than 2,500 applications all over the world. Successful development of 3D sensors requires a wide range of expertise, ranging from CMOS sensor design, mechanical and electronic engineering, optics, embedded programming, machine vision and image processing on GPU to computer SW development, including user interfaces, APIs, and integrations interfaces into 3rd party SW.”

– Marcel Švec, Director of 3D Sensing – 


As a Software Quality Assurance Engineer your role will be to:

  • Develop a testing strategy for all parts of the product (hardware and software) and for the product as a whole
  • Develop testing infrastructure for applications running on a PC and on the devices
  • Write down testing protocols to ensure smooth development of new SW features and HW changes
  • Participate in SW development to ensure testability of all components


Why would you want to work with us?

  1. From hardware to user experience: We develop complex vision systems from the bottom. With Photoneo, you will be able to understand how such complex systems are built – starting with hardware and embedded systems, going through high-performance computation units for critical algorithms, and ending with mission-oriented frontends.
  2. Quality is important: In the past, quick market entry and rapid development were essential for the young company. Nowadays, with an established market position, our goals changed. We still need to be fast, but simultaneously, the quality cannot be compromised. Peer reviews are an essential part of our workflow already, we just need to go beyond. With our user base steadily growing, we are committed to ensuring high-quality software and hardware development processes.
  3. Emphasis on collaboration: Everyone at Photoneo is open to listening and discussing new ideas and product and project proposals. You can safely go to anyone and say: “I’ve got a better idea” or “I really miss this feature.”

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  • Secondary education with school-leaving examination
  • Follow-up/Higher professional education
  • University education (Bachelor's degree)
  • University education (Master's degree)
  • Postgraduate (Doctorate)
  • English - Advanced (C1)
  • Number of years of experience at the position of a Quality Assurance or Software Developer: 4
  • Experience in software testing, task automation, and continuous integration of at least 4 years
  • You have deep active knowledge of some popular testing and automation tools and frameworks (e.g. Jenkins / Travis CI / etc., Ansible / Chef / Puppet, Squish / Selenium, Docker, Apache JMeter, …)
  • You have computer programming skills (C, C++, Python preferred) and experience with computer networking and system administration on both Linux and Windows platforms
  • You are a gatekeeper, you won't allow bugs to be left unnoticed. You have attention to detail but you still see the bigger picture and stay focused on your goals
  • You like solutions focused on getting things done and you understand critical components and can prioritize important tasks in a constrained environment


From 2.200 € gross and more according to experience

Zamestnávame viac ako 150 ľudí po celom svete

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