Experienced Web Developer

Photoneo is a leading robotic automation company mainly focused on the automotive and logistics sectors. With our innovative, state-of-the-art technologies, the world’s best 3D scanners, and a team of the most skilled employees, you can join us on a journey to change the world of automation. As our new developer, you will be a valued part of the team who will make our robotic vision and intelligence software and hardware systems even better, smarter, and more efficient.

Why would you want to work with us?

  • From hardware to user experience. We develop complex robotic systems from the bottom. With Photoneo, you will be able to understand how such complex systems are built – starting with hardware and embedded systems, going through high-performance computation units for critical algorithms, and ending with mission-oriented frontends.
  • Robots are cool! You will have the opportunity to learn to work with industrial and mobile robots and gain perspective on how these systems are architectured, developed, and maintained.
  • Quality is important. When we started our story, quick market entry was our goal. Nowadays, with a strongly established market position, our goals have changed. We still need to be fast, simultaneously the quality cannot be compromised. In the past, we tried multiple testing approaches and realized that Test-driven development is the way to go. All new products utilize this software development process and we are strongly committed to stick with it. Peer reviews are an essential part of our workflow.
  • Do development properly. We emphasize the design and analysis stages of the Software development process. Before the development of new features, we organize breakdown meetings, write specifications, describe user stories, and prepare wireframes. We try to limit ad-hoc implementations when possible. When finished, we validate.
  • Not just regular web development. Doing CRUD interfaces for half of the week? That won’t happen with us. Our web applications include 3D visualizations, socket communication, HTTP APIs.
  • Emphasis on collaboration. Everyone at Photoneo is open to listen to and discuss new ideas and product & project proposals. You can safely go to anyone and say: “I’ve got a better idea.” or “I really miss this feature.”. Can you do this in your current job?

To summarize:

  • Are you a React frontend ninja with UX and UI in mind? Can you rapidly create highly usable applications?
  • Are you a Javascript guru able to squeeze the last bit of rendering performance from Google Chrome?
  • Are you a skilled backend developer with a strong commitment to proper software engineering?
  • Are you a Python expert getting tired of standard web development?
  • Or do you just love web development but you want to expand your technical knowledge to be better prepared for the future?

Core responsibilities

  • Work mainly on development tasks as a part of our backend or frontend team, depending on your own skills and preferences
  • Propose and implement new features and functionalities
  • Learn and use new technologies in the scope of developed projects
  • Review work of your colleagues to achieve the best possible code and product quality
  • Participate in decision making of how to implement new features in the most effective and user-friendly way
  • Be in direct touch with businesses and their requirements for functional and technical design
  • Help us achieve departmental and project deadlines

Most of our web-based applications serve as graphical user interfaces and data managers for underlying advanced robotic systems. In addition, some of our applications are also running on the google cloud platform and we expect this trend to continue.

Our existing products are mostly built on Django, Flask, jQuery, Three.js, Bootstrap, Sass, Gulp, Yarn, and SQLite stack. These technologies served us well in the past but now it is time to move on and innovate. Our latest stack replaces the old jQuery-based frontend stack with React and SQLite database with PostgreSQL. Furthermore, we expect our frontend implementations to follow highly appreciated decentralized architecture, which we are using in robotic backends, and break down the existing monolithic frontends into a microservice-oriented architecture.

All our software solutions are running on Linux-based operating systems. The robotic backends leverage the power of rapid development provided by the Python ecosystem. Furthermore, we utilize the power of the latest C++ standards for all time-critical components such as advanced computer vision processing, AI and machine learning, and robot control algorithms.
We are strongly focused on our Continuous Integration infrastructure, containerization of our components with Docker and software provisioning, configuration management, and automated deployment with Ansible.


  • Written and spoken English - Upper intermediate (B2)
  • Basic user of Linux system (advanced is a plus)
  • Experience with Python
  • Familiar with MVC frameworks, (Django is a plus)
  • Proven experience with web application development of at least 2 years
  • HTML5, CSS + CSS preprocessors (SASS), JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp, Yarn
  • Experience with UX/UI design
  • Experience with Source Control Management tools (git, subversion, etc.)
  • Analytical thinking
  • Goal orientation, willingness to investigate, troubleshoot and drive solutions to issues found in the software system
  • Ability to meet deadlines

Essential attributes

  • Communicative
  • Ability to learn new things


  • Trainings & Development
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Health Care Benefit
  • Relax & Spa Benefit
  • Commuting contributions
  • Multisport card
  • Work& Office Comfort
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„Photoneo kombinuje unikátny 3D skener a niekoľko softvérových nástrojov k dosiahnutiu najlepších výsledkov. Tvojou rolou bude vyvíjať webovú aplikáciu, ktorá sa používa na konfigurovanie komplexných industriálnych procesov. Veľká časť práce bude pozostávať aj z vyvíjania nových funkcionalít na túto webovú aplikáciu.“

– Adrián Krátky, Director of Robot Vision – 


Tvojou náplňou práce bude:

  • Technický dizajn aplikácie
  • Písanie dokumentácie
  • Technická implementácia na základe špecifikácií
  • Práca na úlohách zadaných projektovým lídrom
  • Navrhovanie nových funkcionalít
  • Vytváranie používateľskej dokumentácie


  • Vysokoškolské vzdelanie I. stupňa
  • Vysokoškolské vzdelanie II. stupňa
  • Aktívny anglický jazyk - stredne pokročilý (B2)
  • Základná znalosť Linux systému (pokročilá znalosť je plusom)
  • Skúsenosť s Python
  • Skúsenosti s MVC (Django je plusom)
  • Predchádzajúca skúsenosť s web developmentom
  • HTML5, CSS + CSS preprocessors (SASS), Javascript, Jquery, Gulp, Yarn
  • Predchádzajúca skúsenosť s UX/UI dizajnom
  • Predchádzajúca skúsenosť s Git atď.
  • Komunikatívnosť
  • Analytické myslenie


  • Trainings & Development
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Health Care Benefit
  • Relax & Spa Benefit
  • Commuting contributions
  • Multisport card
  • Work& Office Comfort
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