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On our mission to automate, we provide robots with eyes, not only to see but also to understand.

We are focused on 3D and great picks.

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70 +

in three countries

300 M +

3D scans taken
by PhoXi® 3D Scanners

20 M +

robot picks and places
in bin picking installations

Photoneo at a glance

Photoneo was established by a team of visionaries and talented vision engineers. We’ve transformed our deep scientific research into unique technology and products. Our portfolio is based on extensive knowledge and experience with 2D and 3D vision systems.

We strive to change the traditional 2D machine vision approach in the industrial environment and provide our customers with new devices with an added value. Thanks to our PhoXi® 3D Scanners and advanced software, manufacturers are able to build more flexible production lines and robot integrators get powerful tools for advancing their applications.

With our patented technology of top performance 3D sensing, we aspire to set a new benchmark for smart vision systems. We don’t want to deliver just another machine vision system; we focus on changing the entire definition of machine vision by introducing new hardware and software solutions.

We cooperate with leading industrial companies to drive future autonomous production systems and enhance human vision in robotic manipulation and augmented reality apps.