Firmware Updater

Refer to the Firmware Release Notes to see the release notes for each firmware version and consult the PhoXi Versioning Guide to ensure compatibility with your device, firmware, and PhoXi Control version.

Firmware Updater 1.10.0 - early release

Introducing GigE Vision

MotionCam-3D (Color)
PhoXi 3D Scanner Gen2 (after Nov-2021)

Older versions are available in Download Archive.

Download Archive

PhoXi Firmware Updater 1.9.4

Updates firmware MotionCam-3D and MotionCam-3D Color to version 1.9.4


PhoXi Firmware Updater 1.2.37

Updates firmware on GEN1 and GEN2 PhoXi 3D Scanners to version 1.2.37


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