MotionCam-3D Color

Real-time colorful point clouds

Parallel Structured Light™ - the future of industrial machine vision

Photoneo’s unique patented technology provides high quality and high resolution 3D data even for dynamic scenes. While ToF or Active Stereo systems provide real-time stream of data, the accuracy and resolution is limited. Sequential Structured Light systems provide high quality data, but at low FPS and only when the scene is completely static.

Real Scene

Real Scene


Parallel Structured Light

Structured Light

ToF / Active Stereo

Available Data Outputs

3D Point cloud example

3D Point cloud example

Normals (nX nY nZ)
Depth Map (Z)
Grayscale Texture
Color Texture (RGB)

Paradigm shift in Machine Vision opens new Frontiers

Ability to provide high-quality area snapshot 3D data in near real-time opens new frontiers for industrial automation. Robots do not need to stop to acquire data (hand eye use case) or can manipulate objects moving at random motion. Never again compromise between the ability to scan dynamic scenes and the resulting resolution and data quality.

Motion Cams

Benefits of MotionCam-3D Color

Scanning in & rapid motion

one frame acquisition, 40 m/s

High resolution & accuracy

2 MP, 0.150 mm

Practical scanning range

3 models: from 36 cm - 3 m

No 3D motion blur

10 µs per pixel exposure time

Industry ready

IP65, PoE, Thermal calibration


Plug & Play

Practical application & API

Integrated computing unit

Delivers 15 Million points per second

Robust scanning

Ambient light suppression methods

Patented technology

Parallel Structured Light

Operating modes

Dynamic scenes
0.9 Million 3D points
@ 20 FPS
Accuracy 0.6 mm at Z=1000 mm

Static scenes
2 Million 3D points
Accuracy 0.3 mm at Z=1000 mm

MotionCam-3D S S MotionCam-3D S+ S+ MotionCam-3D M M MotionCam-3D M+ M+ MotionCam-3D L L MotionCam-3D L+ L+
Rozsah skenovania 366-558 mm 630 - 1574 mm 497 - 939 mm 630 - 1574 mm 778 - 3034 mm
Režim kamery
Veľkosť bodu 0.37 mm @z = 442 mm 0.76 mm @z = 900 mm 0.55 mm @z = 650 mm 0.76 mm @z = 900 mm 1.05 mm @z = 1239 mm
Presnosť < 0.300 mm <1.000 mm < 0.500 mm < 0.600 mm < 1.250 mm
Časový šum (1 σ) < 0.100 mm < 0.150 mm < 0.100 mm < 0.100 mm < 0.150 mm
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Where will you benefit from MotionCam-3D Color

Industry and Manufacturing

Picking from conveyor

Picking from conveyor

Hand-eye manipulation

Hand-eye manipulation

Overhead conveyors

Overhead conveyors

Vytváranie 3D modelov

3D model creation


Skenovanie veľkých objektov