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Auf unserem Weg zu automatisieren, geben wir Robotern nicht nur Augen zum Sehen, sondern auch zum Verstehen!

Wir konzentrieren uns auf 3D und großartige Teams


Photoneo in media

    • Photoneo listed among 10 European tech startups to watch in 2020
      Startup Tips lists 10 European tech startups to watch in 2020, including Photoneo.
    • Understanding the latest in high-speed 3D imaging
      James Carroll from Vision Systems Design looks at the latest high-speed 3D sensing technologies and the speeds at which structured light and confocal imaging products available today acquire 3D data. He also talks about Photoneo’s “Parallel Structured Light” technology, the MotionCam-3D and PhoXi 3D Scanners in Part 2. You can find the article also in the November/December 2019 Issue of Vision Systems Design.
    • Parallel und strukturiert: Parallel Structured Light technology overruns 3D
      The article covers traditional 3D sensing techniques and then moves on to Photoneo's revolutionary Parallel Structured Light technology, explaining where its novelty resides. Check it out in the November 2019 issue of Inspect (in German).
    • Photoneo – Providing eyes & intelligence for industrial robots
      What is it all about? Photoneo's endeavour, mission and vision wrapped up in this article published at startuptips.com.
    • Who will be the most successful company of the next decade?
      Forbes listed Photoneo among 10 companies with the greatest potential to become the most successful Slovak company over the upcoming decade (the article is in Slovak).
    • Measuring the 3rd dimension
      Check out this Imaging and Machine Vision Europe's article by Greg Blackmann who looks at the latest techniques to capture and analyse 3D image data, including Photoneo's "Parallel Structured Light" technology. October/November issue, p. 20.
    • Vision Yearbook 2019/2020
      What strategies do machine vision firms employ when hiring staff and what is on the horizon in the machine vision for the coming year? Read Photoneo's contributions to the Vision Yearbook 2019/2020.
    • Bin Picking System by Photoneo
      The article presents a case study describing a bin picking system for the automation of hot forming and laser cutting processes developed by Photoneo. Get more details in the October Issue of Inspect, or in the October/November issue of PhotonicsViews under https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/phvs.201970512.
    • Pushing the boundaries of 3D machine vision
      Photoneo's "Parallel Structured Light" technology, the method behind MotionCam-3D, nicely summarised in the Supplement of the Automation magazine, September issue, page S9.
    • Automated 3D model creation by Photoneo
      Fast area 3d surface inspection for 100% quality control. What are the traditional 3D inspection technologies and how does the new Photoneo solution differ from them? Find out in this Inspect article, September 2019 issue.
    • Photoneo enters the Chinese market
      Photoneo has opened a new office in Shanghai, China, which was accompanied by exhibiting at one of the biggest trade fairs for industrial automation in Shanghai. Find our more in this article in Slovak.
    • Release of Bin Picking Studio 1.2.0.
      Photoneo has released Bin Picking Studio 1.2.0! Check out the August/September issue of Imagine & Machine Vision Europe.

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