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On our mission to automate, we provide robots with eyes, not only to see but also to understand.

We are focused on 3D and great picks.

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in four countries

400 M +

3D scans taken
by PhoXi ®3D Scanners

23 M+

robot pick-and-place
in bin picking installations

Photoneo at a glance

Photoneo was established by a team of visionaries and talented vision engineers. We’ve transformed our deep scientific research into unique technology and products. Our portfolio is based on extensive knowledge and experience with 2D and 3D vision systems.


Photoneo in media

    • Bin Picking Studio - a smart robot-handling software solution for bin picking applications
      Branislav Puliš, Director of Sales and Marketing at Photoneo, talked to MVPro about our Bin Picking Studio, a fine-tuned, complete yet simple solution from one supplier. Why is it unique? Find out in Issue 14, p. 38.
    • Extending reach of robotics
      Photoneo mentioned as one of the leading companies in provision of machine and robot vision technology for bin picking in the Imaging and Machine Vision Europe article on the vision solutions for robot bin picking. Check it out in the April/May 2019 issue.
    • Locator - an affordable robot-handling solution
      Check out the inVISION article on Locator, our tool for fast picking of non-overlapping, randomly placed objects as well as for assembly and application of glues and sealants, in the March 2019 issue.
    • No Motion Blur
      Read the article on the highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D Camera for scanning in rapid motion in the Sep. 2018 issue of the inVISION magazine.
    • Web based bin picking
      Find our software Bin Picking Studio introduced in the June 2018 issue of the inVISION magazine.

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