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On our mission to automate, we provide robots with eyes, not only to see but also to understand.

Who we are

Photoneo is a leading provider of robotic vision and intelligence. Based on a patented 3D technology, Photoneo has developed the world’s highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera, thus unlocking the full potential of powerful, reliable and fast machine learning and also reducing the training and deployment time.

By bringing intelligent robots into the field, Photoneo helps companies mainly in the automotive, logistics, e-commerce, food and medical industry to improve the performance and efficiency of their manufacturing, fulfillment and assembly process.


Jan Zizka


Jan Zizka was born with pliers and battery in his hands. Then he learned math and coding, got his PhD and ended up at MIT playing with cameras, optics and algorithms. When he realized that he didn't need to sleep, he co-founded the 3D vision company Photoneo with 3 priorities in mind: automate, automate, automate. And one more - to have fun!

Tomas Kovacovsky

Co-founder and CTO

Tomas is an expert in the field of Computer Vision and Computational Photography. During and following his university studies, he found his niche in 3D scanning, which has been his passion since. Tomas has co-developed the unique PhoXi 3D Scanner and 3D Camera MotionCam-3D with a patented technology. In 2017 he was included among the 30 brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers in the Industry segment by Forbes’ 30 UNDER 30 EUROPE.

Michal Maly

Co-founder and Director of AI

Michal received his PhD in the field of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, FMPI at Comenius University. in 2013. He is an expert in the construction of rational agents based on reinforcement learning. He also worked in the area of computer security and published an innovative solution for secure distributed computing. His vision is to improve computer understanding of the 3D environment and enhance comprehension of real-world objects.

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