3D Scanning Software

PhoXi Control
Main application (driver) to operate PhoXi 3D Scanner

Requirements: 64bit OS, 4GB RAM, 2GB disk space
Recommended external graphics card with OpenGL v 2.0 support



MVTec Halcon
Operate PhoXi 3D Scanner directly from Halcon

Requirements: Installed PhoXi Control


Operate PhoXi 3D Scanner in LabView

Requirements: Installed PhoXi Control

Download the library for Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanners here 


Matrox Design Assistant and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)
Operate PhoXi 3D Scanner in Matrox Imaging software

Requirements: Installed PhoXi Control


Adaptive Vision Studio
Operate PhoXi 3D Scanner in Adaptive Vision Studio

Requirements: Installed PhoXi Control



3D Localization SDK (C++)
Find position of known object in a point cloud

Explore it into more detail on 3D
Localization SDK product page

Requirements: Installed PhoXi Control. Licensed HW Dongle or 30 days trial



Robot-Camera Calibration
Let PhoXi 3D Scanner work in robot coordinate space

Support for:

  • static scanner position (uses calibration ball)
  • scanner mounted on the robot (hand-eye calibration, uses marker plate)




Bin Picking Studio

Streamline the deployment of your bin picking applications

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