Robots unloading pallets - the next revolution in logistics

The depalletization solution can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. It all starts with a pallet loaded with boxes being placed inside of the range of the robot. This can be done either manually or automatically, depending on the features of the depalletization line. The 3D vision device (PhoXi 3D Scanner) then performs a scan of the pallet and transfers the scan into a 3D texture data set. The advantage of this is that this way the data set is not influenced by light conditions and it can be used for a flawless recreation of the boxes shapes.

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These shapes are then processed by a machine learning algorithm. Thanks to the large database of taught boxes it can immediately translate the 3D data and recognize each box separately. Afterward, it is only about sending the right command towards the robot that will perform picking with an accuracy of +- 3 millimeters. This way the whole pallet will be unloaded box after box quickly and with minimal or no need for human interaction.

99,7% accuracy of picking

Key benefits

Universal depalletization

Boxes do not have to be stacked in a pattern and you can use any type of pallet

Works out of the box

Algorithm tested & recognizes more than 5000 types of boxes.

Speed of box transfer

We can effectively depalletize the entire pallet of approximately 1000 boxes in 1 hour

No human error or fatigue

Robots are able to work 24/7/365 without tiring and need of human interaction

No back pain from lifting heavy objects

With proper robot and gripper you can pick up to 50 kg

Reduction of operational costs

With this smart automation you do not need to pay monthly expenses connected to workers. All you do is keep the boxes coming and robot does the rest


We guarantee more than 99.7 % pick rate achieved over the implementation. The remaining small 0.3% are diminished over time thanks to the machine learning algorithm that recognizes uncharacteristic boxes.

Knowledge hungry

The most intelligent depalletization equipped with algorithm that is able to recognize new boxes.

AI Inside

  • Type of pallet does not matter, we can work with any
  • Algorithm worked with more than 5000 types of boxes, and it remembers them all
  • No patterns - more fun! Do not stack your boxes we can work with them