Alpha 3D Scanner

3D Vision. Simple as that.

Phoxi Scanner L Phoxi Scanner S

Ambient Light Suppression

PoE & 24 V powering options

Lightweight carbon body

Dust & water proof

Largest scanning volume

Plug & Play easy setup

Now even easier sensor integration with new GigE Vision support

Gige Vision

Discover the world of structured light 3D vision and modernize from obsolete technologies to Photoneo's Alpha 3D scanner. If you need a reliable 3D vision solution for logistics, scanning medium sized items or jus want an reliable and highly performing system, Alpha 3D Scanner can get you there within minutes. Simple installation via GIGE protocol or Phoxi Control allows you to deploy in any environments in no time

Industrial 3D scanner for machine vision tasks

Largest scanning volume

The scanning volume of the Alpha 3D Scanner family ranges up to 4 meters, allowing you to scan large as well as very small objects.

Lightweight and energy-efficient

Thanks to its low weight, the Alpha 3D Scanner can be mounted directly onto the robotic arm allowing for robotic hand-eye applications.

Easy integration

Enjoy the quick and easy setup – just plug and play in 3 minutes! The new PoE connector requires only a single cable to provide both electric power and data connection.

Dust & water proof

Featuring protection class IP65, the Alpha 3D Scanner is dust-tight and protected against low- pressure jets of water coming from any direction and at any angle.

PoE & 24V powering options

You only need a single cable to get both electric power and data connection - Power over Ethernet.

Ambient Light Suppression

Alpha 3D Scanner offers the 1.5Mpix structured light scanning with laser projection and ambient light suppression for optiomal results.

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Specification Sheet

Scanner ranges Alpha
3D Sensing Technology Structured Light Structured Light
Output data

3D points (x y z)
Normals (x y z)
Depth Map (z)
Texture (grayscale intensity)

3D points (x y z)
Normals (x y z)
Depth Map (z)
Texture (grayscale intensity)

Resolution 1.5 Million 3D Points (1440 x 1080) 1.5 Million 3D Points (1440 x 1080)
Scanning range 870 - 2150 mm 1680 - 3780 mm
Optimal scanning distance 1245 mm 2331 mm
Scanning area at sweet spot 1091 x 761 mm 1736 x 1421 mm
Point-to-point distance (at sweet spot) 0.82 mm 1.52 mm
Calibration accuracy (1 σ) 0.50 mm 1.30 mm
Temporal noise (1 σ) 0.45 mm 1.00 mm
Scanning time from 450 ms from 450 ms
Dimensions 86 x 68 x 428 mm 86 x 68 x 428 mm
Baseline 350.0 mm 350.0 mm
Weight 950 g 950 g
Temperature working range Full: 0 - 40 degrees Optimal: 20 - 25 degrees Full: 0 - 40 degrees Optimal: 22 - 25 degrees
Power PoE or 24V PoE or 24V
Data connection 1 Gbit Ethernet 1 Gbit Ethernet
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