Speed is the ultimate goal in all logistic applications. Picking goods by whole layers allows you to speed up goods handling significantly. With Photoneo Delayering, you can rapidly grab any top layer, regardless of the goods or pallet size. User-defined and robot interface supported, it makes the automation of logistics and warehouse operations simpler then ever.

Tailored for logistics

The robot-agnostic approach allows Photoneo Delayering to be deployed alongside any robotic solution of your choice. Data acquisition and processing fits all kinds of robotic grippers and allows user-defined fine-tuning to ensure smooth operation.

Pick any goods

Built for maximum flexibility, Photoneo Delayering works with any type of goods, boxes, bottles, cans, paper rolls (stand-alone or wrapped in plastic). Even pallets with mixed goods are no challenge for our robust, user customizable solution.


Speed up your logistics to pick goods by entire layers and automate your whole warehousing by combining it with other Photoneo solutions.

Maximum flexibility allows you to pick any type of goods, regardless of their shape and size, while using any gripper of your choice.

User Defined approach allows you to specifically finetune the solution to your specific use case, without the need for programing or further customisation.

Fast image acquisition and processing allows you to maximize effectivity by minimizing the turnaround time.

Photoneo Delayering is an extension module to existing solution - Locator studio is required as a base for deploying Delayering.

Integrate Delayering to your projects

Consult your case

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