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Bin Picking

Are you struggling with picking objects from a bin that are either randomly placed or have different shapes and sizes? We will help you to find a solution to the fundamental challenge of vision-guided robotics using best in class 3D vision and Machine Learning algorithms.

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Optimizing production processes is crucial for successful order fulfillment. Packaging belongs to one of these processes. Implement smart automation in the form of vision-guided robotics into your production and reduce the time and costs necessary to prepare your products for shipping to final customers.

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Machine Loading

Increase the speed of production and protect your workforce from injuries. Adopt the latest machine vision guided approach tasked to solve the loading and unloading of objects into your material processing stations. Equipped with high-grade industrial vision, no object is too small or too large - allow the robot to see and become part of the entire production process. Agile and precise machine loading that is automatic helps you in increasing of throughput and tackles the delays in production.

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Automated Tire handling

Automated handling of rubber objects focuses on the post-production stage of the tire vulcanization. After the tires leave the press and leave the curing process they need to be effectively handled and put on the transportation pallets. Using vision-guided robotics and advanced localization techniques it is no longer required to handle the heavy objects with human force. Utilize the power of robotics with eyes and handle your post-production phase efficiently.

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Ready for the future?

Our passion is to deliver sophisticated automatization to customers all around the world. We do it by the implementation of vision-guided robotics and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

This way empowers robots to be capable of end to end production without limits thus boosting the total efficiency of each automation solution, directly influencing the throughput and reducing the final price of products.

We help your production to adapt to the changing requirements and handle flexibly the numerous amounts of changing components, materials, and shapes that are used in the production of various products.

Integrate smart automation with our advanced visualization, monitoring, statistics, and artificial intelligence tools that continuously move the status quo further. Utilize your workers more effectively and automate the processes that are repetitive, dangerous, and boring.


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