PhoXi 3D Scanner L

Scanner with high range especially useful for scanning of objects and bins of with a size of euro pallet. It found its use in vision-guided robotics projects especially in automotive. However thanks to its versatility it was used in a variety of industrial sectors, ranging from medical, logistics, agriculture, or heavy industries.


Parameter Value
Resolution (3D Points) Up to 3.2 M
Scanning range 870 – 2150 mm
Optimal scanning distance 1239 mm
Scanning area at sweet spot 1082 x 772 mm
Point to point distance 0.524 mm
Calibration accuracy (1 σ) 0.200 mm
Temporal noise (1 σ) 0.190 mm
Scanning time 250 – 2750 ms
Dimensions 86 x 68 x 616 mm
Baseline 550 mm
Weight 1100 g
3D points throughput 16 Million points per second
GPU NVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA cores

Scanning range

PhoXi 3D Scanner XS
PhoXi 3D Scanner S
PhoXi 3D Scanner M
PhoXi 3D Scanner L
PhoXi 3D Scanner XL