PhoXi 3D Scanner M

It is suited for picking of objects that are the size of a soccer ball usually from bins with size of 40x60 centimeters. Another use of this device is in the inspection as well as 3D model creation. With its size and scanning range, it is optimal for being mounted on a small robot or collaborative robot.


Parameter Value
Resolution (3D Points) Up to 3.2 M
Scanning range 458 – 1118 mm
Optimal scanning distance 650 mm
Scanning area at sweet spot 590 x 404 mm
Point to point distance 0.286 mm
Calibration accuracy (1 σ) 0.100 mm
Temporal noise (1 σ) 0.100 mm
Scanning time 250 – 2500 ms
Dimensions 86 x 68 x 416 mm
Baseline 350 mm
Weight 950 g
3D points throughput 16 Million points per second
GPU NVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA cores

Scanning range

PhoXi 3D Scanner XS
PhoXi 3D Scanner S
PhoXi 3D Scanner M
PhoXi 3D Scanner L
PhoXi 3D Scanner XL