Automated sorting of parcels in motion for Dedoles

December 13, 2021

We are very proud and happy to reveal to you this extraordinary project for Dedoles – one of the largest e-commerce retailers in Central Europe, which sells original socks and underwear in more than 20 countries.

The project comprised the development of a unique, specially designed automation solution for the sorting of parcels prepared for shipment and their placement into different containers based on the delivery company.

The tricky part is that the parcels are placed on a moving conveyor belt from which they are to be picked by a KUKA robot. To achieve maximum throughput, the conveyor belt does not stop, which means that the parcels need to be 3D scanned and localized in motion.

There could be no better candidate for this task than our MotionCam-3D – the only area-scan 3D camera that can capture fast-moving objects in high resolution and accuracy.

While our 3D camera enables precise localization of each parcel, data received from a QR code scanner are used for sorting the parcels.

You can read more about the project in our case study.

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