Combine the intelligence of the vision guided Bin Picking Studio & strength of MITSUBISHI robots in your picking, depalletization, singulation, sorting, production or fulfillment projects.


Integrated robotic models

  • Mitsubishi RV-13FLM
  • Mitsubishi RV-13FM
  • Mitsubishi RV-20FM
  • Mitsubishi RV-2F
  • Mitsubishi RV-2FL *
  • Mitsubishi RV-2SQ
  • Mitsubishi RV-4FLM
  • Mitsubishi RV-7FLLM*
  • Mitsubishi RV-7FLM
  • Mitsubishi RV-7FM
  • Mitsubishi RV-4FM *
* Rapid IK unsupported

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