Treviso (Italy) 1 June 2016, Euclid Labs srl and Photoneo sro signed a distribution agreement. Euclid Labs will be the exclusive dealer for Italy of all Photoneo 3d cameras.
Roberto Polesel, CEO of Euclid Labs, declares:”This agreement is the first step of what I expect to be a long and profitable cooperation. We are directly installing Photoneo with our bin picking software but we are sure we can support other companies in finding other applications of a so great 3D camera”.
Photoneo will start testing the possibility to distribute a version of Euclid Labs bin picking software in bundle with its cameras. Branislav Pulis, Business Development Director of Photoneo, says: “Photoneo is a pioneer in 3D objects sensing. Likewise, Euclid Labs is a pioneer in providing a Random Bin Picking software solution. Therefore, I think that we are offering the best 3D machine vision bundle on the market.”

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