Evaluating the trajectories of robotic arms

February 15, 2022

Want to get an insight into the evaluation of robotic arm trajectories? Read this academic paper written by Photoneo’s Software Engineer at the Robot Applications department Michal Dobis, in cooperation with Martin Dekan, Peter Beno, Frantisek Duchon, and Andrej Babinec.

This paper was originally published by MDPI and belongs to the Special Issue Advances in Industrial Robotics and Intelligent Systems


“This paper presents a complex trajectory evaluation framework with a high potential for use in many industrial applications. The framework focuses on the evaluation of robotic arm trajectories containing only robot states defined in joint space without any time parametrization (velocities or accelerations). The solution presented in this article consists of multiple criteria, mainly based on well-known trajectory metrics. These were slightly modified to allow their application to this type of trajectory. Our framework provides the methodology on how to accurately compare paths generated by randomized-based path planners, with respect to the numerous industrial optimization criteria. Therefore, the selection of the optimal path planner or its configuration for specific applications is much easier. The designed criteria were thoroughly experimentally evaluated using a real industrial robot. The results of these experiments confirmed the correlation between the predicted robot behavior and the behavior of the robot during the trajectory execution.”

Read the full paper

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