Guide to Photoneo Bin Picking Studio: Final Episode 6

August 25, 2021

The grand finale of our Bin Picking Studio training sessions is here!

Over the past weeks, our expert Stanislav Rubint, Vision Guided Robotics Consultant, took you through the individual stages of the bin picking setup process.

Now you can watch the final episode 6 and learn how to build the entire environment and avoid collisions.

We hope you enjoyed the series and that you were able to implement the newly acquired skills easily and with fun!

Watch also the previous episodes:

Part 1:

How to set up the gripper and picked object by uploading a CAD file, defining the tool center point, handling symmetries, and defining gripping points?

Part 2:

How to set up path planning?

Part 3:

How to use path stages and waypoints to provide your robot with all the information it needs to make a perfect pick?

Part 4:

How to set up your vision system?

Part 5:

How to easily and smoothly calibrate your robot and vision system using a calibration object?

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