How can robots help businesses meet increased demand?

By Lillie Jenkins || August 2, 2022

The rapid development of all things tech and IT has brought endless possibilities and opportunities to businesses in all kinds of industries. 

Robotics particularly is being utilized by businesses of all sizes and from all niches thanks to the plentiful benefits robots have to offer. Here are the top 7 reasons why robots help businesses meet increased demand.

#1 Reduced costs

First and foremost, robots help reduce costs, both operating and capital ones. The automation of tasks through deploying robots leads to much lower expenses than manual operation requires. Robots allow companies to decrease their direct and overhead costs which also leads to more competitiveness in the market.

For example, the deployment of robots helps reduce energy costs as robots do not require a minimum level of lighting or heating. In addition, the automation of certain tasks is also an opportunity for employees to focus on more urgent and important tasks that do require manual execution, creativity, or decision-making skills.

Automation ensures a faster production rate and increased efficiency, which also leads to lower capital costs. Robots navigated by 3D vision and robotic intelligence from Photoneo can perform the widest range of tasks and manipulate objects with superior precision and reliability and more efficiently than human workers. 

MotionCam-3D Color – a new, game-changing device that enables real-time creation of high-quality, colorful 3D models of objects in motion.

For instance, Photoneo’s 3D camera MotionCam-3D enables high-quality 3D scanning of objects moving at a fast speed without motion artifacts. With its new color version, you can now even get real-time 3D models of objects in motion enriched with color data. This game-changing machine vision capability has a huge impact also on AI applications and on tasks that not only rely on depth data but also on color information.

Learn more about Photoneo’s novel 3D sensing technology and what it enables in our blog article.

#2 Improved quality

The next major benefit of using robots is improved quality. Robots can significantly increase the reliability and precision of production processes. 

Automation eliminates the risk of human error associated with tiredness and distraction, which often result from tedious and repetitive activities. In contrast to human workers, robots can work 24/7 without getting tired or needing pauses.  

Automated inspection of large objects in motion using MotionCam-3D.

Robots equipped with state-of-the-art 3D vision can also greatly increase the reliability and precision of inspection and quality control tasks. Based on the acquired 3D data, an inspection system can say if a product is ok or not ok and sort it accordingly.

#3 Decreased waste

Automation can reduce waste and increase yield through higher product quality and better work accuracy.

By maximizing manufacturing efficiency, companies minimize the use of energy and resources needed for production.

#4 Better safety

One of the biggest concerns for companies is employee health and safety. This is why businesses are always looking for new ways to keep their employees safe in the workplace, even if they are doing particularly dangerous tasks. Luckily, robots can solve this problem.

Robotic handling of heavy gas cylinders by Tecnalia.

Robots are often used to perform tasks that could be risky to human workers or that require a lot of physical strength. They can also help with seemingly safe but repetitive tasks, reducing the risk of strain injuries from performing simple tasks many times over again.

#5 Greater output

Taking into account the increased efficiency that comes with using robots, it’s no wonder that they can also help your company get a greater production output in the long run. 

Essentially, automation improves productivity and efficiency which, in turn, results in more products being created in less time. Increased productivity also means that you could have new opportunities for increasing the volume of your production. Moreover, you can also see a reduced amount of work in progress and an increase in inventory turns.

One of the greatest advantages of robots is that they can work at night and during weekends without or with little supervision. This can increase their overall output even more while meeting deadlines and not having to put employees under stress. Robots do not need sick leave and breaks. For instance, robotic intelligence tools such as Bin Picking Studio for bin picking applications can be a valuable addition to your company.

#6 Lower employee turnover rates

A major challenge companies have been facing is the high turnover rates that happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, employees are overworked and do not feel satisfied with their working conditions. In other cases, they are not happy with the company management.

Robotic collecting of items from shelves for e-commerce.

Fortunately, robots can help lower turnover rates and even reduce the difficulty of recruitment. Highly-skilled employees can be difficult to find – instead, robots are easy to deploy to perform all types of demanding and complicated tasks. 

#7 Increased flexibility

Last but not least, robots and automation solutions help increase overall flexibility when it comes to product manufacturing. 

Automation can be very flexible – especially solutions based on AI and advanced 3D vision are very popular. For instance, robotic picking of items usually does not comprise a single-purpose system for one type of product but can be adjusted to a new type of product by adding a different software. Flexible automation allows companies to switch their production to different products with small effort and investment.

Robotic picking and sorting of parcels for Dedoles.

Final thoughts

Robots can be a very valuable asset for any company that wants to expand as well as meet increasing demand. Consider the advantages of robots listed in this article and contact us for the best tech solution you can implement in your own project. 

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