Mission, vision & values

describes what our company does


Our mission describes what our company does. It keeps reminding us of why it was founded and what we want to deliver.

Mission, vision & values

Give vision and intelligence to robots all over the world,
so they can see and understand it.

Drive brave automation solutions and shape technological future for the next generations.


Our vision represents the direction of our company. It portrays what role in the industrywe want to have and what kind of world we want to help create.


Our values define our corporate culture. They express what we are like, how we think and how we approach challenges. Our values say how we communicate with each other and what kind of people we search for in our company


We are always pushing the limits further


We treat everyone equally and with respect


We have fun and feel good while we do things


We are the best at what we do and through continuous learning we stay on top


We are problem-solvers who like the toughest challenges

Our partners and customers


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