The Next Generation of PhoXi 3D Scanner is here

Enter the future of vision

Improved performance thanks to GPU NVIDIA Jetson TX2 4GB

IP65 water & dust proof

PoE available

Screwable M12 industry grade connectors

Phoxi Scanner L Phoxi Scanner S

2x Faster GPU

Saves 40% of computation time

PoE + 24V

Single cable for power & data with length over 30 m

Robust scanning

Noise filtering & ambient light suppression

The new Phoxi 3D Scanner is here! More durable than ever and able to withstand tough industrial environments. The upgraded design and firmware provide easier integration, better performance, and higher flexibility.

Equip your robot with 3D vision by Photoneo and get superior robotic performance. Meet the ultimate companion for your vision-guided robotics projects.

The new features

PoE & 24V

You now only need a single cable to get both electric power and data connection - Power over Ethernet. Alternatively, you can power your device by 24 V. The two options ensure versatility, easy use, and strong performance even when using long cables (> 30 m).

IP 65 - Dust & water proof

Featuring protection class IP65, the PhoXi 3D Scanner is dust-tight and protected against low- pressure jets of water coming from any direction and at any angle. M12 connectors with screw-on locks ensure a robust, industrial-grade connection.

Updated firmware & software

New algorithms for reflection filtering and ambient light suppression. More user settings and functionalities for scanning control. Software PhoXi Control also received a noticeable improvement with new debugging tools that will allow you to use your scanner even more effectively. Read about the changes in firmware and software here .

Thermal Calibration

PhoXi 3D Scanner offers the best-in-class thermal stability thanks to hardware enhancements together with the thermal calibration model. It ensures a stable and reliable scanning performance in changing temperature conditions.

New eco-friendlier package - protecting our planet

We introduce new packaging! While reliably protecting our PhoXi 3D Scanners during transportation, it connects with Photoneo mission to be considerate of our environment.

2x faster GPU

PhoXi 3D Scanner now utilizes the power of the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 4GB processing unit. The computation time was sped up by 60%, thus saving 200 ms of the overall scanning time.

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