Photoneo US office

Photoneo opens a U.S. branch for its leading-edge 3D vision technology

March 29, 2019

We’re opening a new location in Boston, MA. The move is part of the company’s overall growth strategy and will provide local support to U.S. clients.

“There is a big traction on the market and we can see that our customers appreciate our approach and solutions because of the top-notch quality of our products and service. We are opening a new branch in the U.S. so that we can handle our customers directly and help them grow faster with us,” says Photoneo’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Branislav Puliš.

Photoneo has started to sell engineering samples of its flagship product MotionCam-3D, the highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera for scanning in rapid motion. Thanks to the unique combination of features and patented technology called Parallel Structured Light, the Camera won the VISION Award 2018 and has been ranked among inVISION Top Innovations 2019. “We develop eyes and a brain for robots and believe that outcomes of this endeavor can be considered the next step in the industrial revolution – that thanks to our innovative hardware and software solutions, robots will be able to understand their environment,” explains Puliš.

The expansion into the U.S. market is a significant part of Photoneo’s global growth strategy and strengthens its leadership position in the field of 3D vision technology.

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