Bin Picking

Photoneo’s Bin picking solution works with our family of industrial grade 3D scanners PhoXi Scan.

Using advanced 3D algorithms, it runs at high speed and with a high precision. It allows the user to scan object or input a CAD model, select grip points and alternative grip points. The container is scanned and objects are picked one by one.

Photoneo is a complex Bin Picking Solution supplier:

A. Bin Picking Complex Solution

Photoneo with it’s partners is able to deliver whole robotic cell for Bin Picking Solution (Robot + 3D scanner + Bin Picking SDK software). We have partners from different countries in order to provide best local support.

B. Bin Picking Vision System

This package includes Photoneo’s 3D scanner and Bin Picking SDK software. Our Bin Picking Vision System is able to communicate with any robot through TCP/IP or UDP protocol. Our Vision system is powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson™ embedded platform.

C. Bin Picking SDK package

Photoneo develops custom Bin Picking SDK software solution able to work with different vision hardware.

D. Multiple robot manufacturer integrations


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