MotionCam-3D S+

Motion color

The S+ version of the camera features a larger scanning volume compared to the S model. Its strong suit is the body size. Its powerful parameters and extended scanning range make it a great companion for every hand-eye project.


Parameter Value
Scanning range 630 - 1574 mm
Camera Mode
Point Size 0.76 mm @z = 900 mm
Accuracy <1.000 mm
Temporal Noise < 0.150 mm
Scanner Mode
Point Size 0.52 mm @z = 900 mm
Accuracy < 0.500 mm
Temporal Noise < 0.100 mm
General Information
Depth map resolution (static mode) 1680 x 1200
Depth map resolution (dynamic mode) 1120 x 800
Maximum FPS 20 fps
Data acquisition time 10 ms
Maximum object / camera speed 40 m/s
3D point throughput 15 million points per second
GPU NVIDIA PascalTM Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA cores
Dimensions 80 x 68 x 307 mm
Baseline 230 mm
Weight 1300 g

Scanning range

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MotionCam-3D S+
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