Review of MotionCam-3D by NeuroSYS

July 26, 2022

NeuroSYS tested our MotionCam-3D to see how it works and what quality of 3D data it can deliver for AI applications. Because, as you may know, AI is only as good as the quality of data used for its training. 

The review also refers to our new MotionCam-3D Color, which is part of our Early Adopters Program at the moment. MotionCam-3D Color is a game-changer that extends the array of AI applications even further. By combining 3D geometry, motion, and color, it becomes the most efficient technology for real-time colorful 3D point cloud creation of moving scenes in high quality.

Check out the results of this test and see what the camera can do before the official release!

Read the review

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