MotionCam-3D Color by Photoneo for 3D scanning in random motion

Revolutionizing robotics with next-gen sensor technology for 3D vision in motion

By Andrea Ferkova || April 12, 2023

Robots are increasingly being deployed in industrial applications to perform a wide range of tasks that require vision-guided precision. However, the challenge of motion has been a major limitation to the integration of machine vision technology in robotics.

This challenge is posed by the fact that conventional area-scan 3D vision technologies struggle to provide high-resolution and sub-millimeter-accuracy 3D data when capturing random motion.

3D scanning in motion is required in many modern industrial applications where robots are expected to recognize, navigate, and handle objects that are moving in a random and unpredictable manner.

Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D Color has the ability to provide high-quality 3D data, color information, and the ability to scan random movement, transforming the world of 3D machine vision and robotics by enabling applications that were impossible with standard technologies.

The technology behind MotionCam-3D is the patented Parallel Structured Light technology that enables users to 3D scan whole areas of scenes with sub-millimeter resolution and accuracy, irrespective of whether the scene is static or in motion.

The special value of the camera is the data it can provide to artificial intelligence (AI). The MotionCam-3D makes it possible to train AI algorithms on high-quality data that is crucial to its performance.

The demand for AI solutions that enable object recognition, classification, and visualization is increasing. Photoneo’s technology has opened up new possibilities for customers to achieve unprecedented efficiency and throughput. The camera enables constant motion during processes, thereby eliminating the need to interrupt processes for each scan acquisition as is the case with conventional technologies.

Thus, Photoneo’s technology can be seen as the final piece in the machine vision puzzle that reveals the new contours of future robotics.

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