Ambient Light Suppression Gen3: Pushing the boundaries beyond the possible

Superior Ambient Light Suppression for 3D Scanning

June 6, 2023

Superior scans under the most challenging lighting conditions

The 3rd generation of Photoneo’s Ambient Light Suppression technology is here!

ALS Gen3 pushes the boundaries of what is possible to bring you superior scanning performance under the most challenging lighting conditions.

Now you can scan under direct sunlight, in conditions with changing lighting, and even very high dynamic ranges with dark and bright areas in a single scene.

That means that you do not need to install any blinders any more, darken your room, or adjust the number of light sources.

ALS Gen3 allows you to scan:

  • Outdoors under direct sunlight, which is equivalent to 100,000 lux
  • Indoors with irregular & changing lighting conditions
  • The darkest and brightest areas of the scene simultaneously in a single scan 
  • Under challenging lighting conditions even when capturing large objects with glossy surfaces

ALS Gen3 is available with all PhoXi 3D Scanners shipped from 1 June 2023. For recently purchased scanners, it can be acquired through an update to Firmware 1.10.

To learn more about ALS Gen3 and what it brings you, read our blog article.

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