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23 Apr 2019

Control 2019 7 – 10 May · Stuttgart · Schall Messen Meet the Photoneo team at the booth #6115 and see our award-winning products in action! We’re going to exhibit our latest application for automated 3D model creation – a rotary table integrated with the PhoXi 3D Scanner mounted on a collaborative robot. This fast, […]

03 Apr 2019

In March 2019, Photoneo has released the Bin Picking Studio 1.2.0. Our effort was focused on improving the user experience. You can look forward to the following new features: As a simple setup of one robot, one scanner, and one part had not been a challenge anymore, we decided to introduce the option for multiple […]

25 Jun 2018

The incredible Automatica 2018 (19-22 June 2018, Munich) is over and we would like to thank to all our visitors, long-term as well as new potential business partners, researchers and media for stopping by and having the inspirational and encouraging discussions. It was a unique opportunity to witness our products PhoXi 3D Scanner, 3D Camera, […]

11 Apr 2018

Boston, MA – April 11, 2018 – On April 10, Photoneo®, #FocusedOn3D, was presented with a bronze-level award in the “Cameras – 3D” Category at the Fourth Annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards presentation, held during The Vision Show in Boston, MA. Our PhoXi® 3D Scanner was recognized by a panel of esteemed experts from […]

05 Apr 2018

A marvelous job has been done by Ken Goldberg, a professor at University of California, Berkeley, his graduate student Jeff Mahler & their crew. They’ve developed a special robot’s brain using software Dex-Net, thanks to which the two-arm robot can pick a great variety of objects with an unbelievable efficiency. The solution was presented at […]

05 Feb 2018

Read our latest paper to find out more about our 3D scanning technology and how it contributes to our bin picking solutions. While the idea of the robotic arm picking of randomly placed objects from a container is rather simple to imagine, real implementation brings inevitable challenges. In the article, our Director of Robot Vision Adrian […]

23 Nov 2017

We’re glad to announce that SODA VISION has become a distributor and an integrator of our 3D vision products at the Singaporean, Malaysian and Thai markets. We’re looking forward to the cooperation!

31 Oct 2017

Machine Vision is one of the driving forces of industrial automation. For a long time, it’s been primarily pushed forward by improvements made in 2D image sensing and, for some applications, 2D sensing is still an optimal tool to solve a problem. But the majority of challenges machine vision is facing today has a 3D […]

03 Aug 2017

今年的亚马孙机器人挑战赛/ RoboCup 2017在7月27日至30日在日本名古屋举行。 来自十个不同国家的十六个选定的学术团队正在与机器人解决方案进行竞争,以识别,拾起和装载仓库货物。 根据他们的要求,在准备和测试阶段,已经有五个参与的团队由我们提供PhoXi 3D扫描仪。 最后,来自德国的NimbRo和日本的NAIST-Panasonic的两个团队实际上使用了Photoneo的视觉系统。 我们非常自豪,两个团队都是来自世界各地进入最终决赛的八个团队之一。 NimbRo赢得了梦幻般的第二名,NAIST-panasonic荣登第六名。 这是我们产品在ARC很棒的首次亮相。

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