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High depth of field

300 ms scan time

Every detail in fraction of a second

Integrated GPU processing
Powerful 256 cores
Brand New
PhoXi 3D scanner family
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Localization SDK

Three easy steps to localize objects

1. Upload CAD model
2. Choose point of interest
3. Get back localization and orientation of the object

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Top three reasons to buy PhoXi Scan

New PhoXi 3D Scanner

  1. 1
    Industry best sensors
    • Photoneo PhoXi uses the latest CMOS sensors from Sony to deliver unbeatable performance in terms of noise and overall efficiency.
    • Our custom designed projection unit is an optically optimal monochromatic source of structured illumination, capable of delivering high projection frame rates with extended depth-of-field. In collaboration with hight quality filters, it is resistant to ambient illumination.
  2. 2
    Body from Carbon fiber, Heart from Nvidia
    • Casing of PhoXi 3D Scanner is made by carbon fiber, one of the strongest and most lightweight materials available. Minimal thermal expansion of this material ensures perfect and stable calibration. Even if dimensions of our scanner are 50×50 mm its body is highly durable and robust.
    • PhoXi 3D Scanner is a small computational powerhouse. In such a little footprint, we manage to fit a computational power of 1 Teraflops.
  3. 3
    Performance that does not ruin your budget
    • Best price/performance ratio in the market.
    • All necessary computations are performed on the device, which left plenty of computational power for your application. Our Software API offers advanced features focused on ease of use and performance.