3D model creation now fully automated

3D model creation now fully automated

June 2, 2023

A new way to fast & accurate 3D model creation

We are excited to introduce to you our new, one-of-a-kind tool for fully automated 3D model creation – the Photoneo 3D Meshing suite.

With this versatile and easy-to-use software solution, you can create accurate and highly detailed 3D models of static as well as dynamic scenes in a matter of seconds.

The best part is that you can use the tool for all possible purposes and application scenarios, which is made possible thanks to 2 different libraries and graphical user interfaces.

What is your benefit?

  • Now you can create accurate and highly detailed 3D models in an instant
  • You can get an object’s 3D shape, texture, as well as color
  • You can create 3D models of even very large objects moving randomly
  • You can use the SW for a precise, dynamic robot navigation around unknown objects

Application examples where you can use Photoneo 3D Meshing:

  • Quality control and inspection
  • Dynamic robot navigation
  • Volumetric measurement
  • 3D model creation of atypical shapes or very large and immovable objects
  • Digitalization of real-life objects

To learn more about what you can do with Photoneo 3D Meshing, read our blog article on How to create 3D models with Photoneo 3D Meshing →

If you would like to discuss automated 3D model creation for your applications, contact us →

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