Phollower 100 (AMR)

Autonomous mobile robot for transport and delivery of material.


One platform, many use cases...

  • Collaborative robots

  • Box transportation

  • Medicaments delivery

  • Safety

    • Safe and fast AMR with easy operation and navigation, including via elevators
    • Surrounding environment checked 33 times per second and system able to detect an obstacle every 30 ms
    • Detecting objects with a minimum width 30 mm
    • All safety components meet the requirements of the safety class SIL2 PL.d Category 3

  • Mapping

    • Real-time robot navigation by controlling movements with a joystick
    • Instant map redrawing
  • Trajectory planning

    • Quick and easy
    • Custom trajectory curves
    • Station points
    • Speed zones and limits (max. speed: 1.125 m/s)
    • Cyclic or dynamical move plans
    • Reversible movement

Phollower 100

Transport your goods autonomously.

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