Automated stacking of parts on pallets

March 26, 2021


OEM Finland Oy



The customer Temet International is a Finnish manufacturer of civil protection, crisis products, and industrial pressure valves.

The integrator Yaskawa Finland Oy supplies industrial Yaskawa robots and the production systems assembled around them to various parts of the Finnish industry. Yaskawa Finland Oy acted as an integrator in this project, which was a natural decision given that the new 3D machine vision that was integrated into the system has already been supplied by Yaskawa.

The customer decided to automate the process of manual stacking of parts on pallets in precise piles so that the robot could subsequently pick them up. As the volumes were gradually increasing, the manual operation started to be more physically demanding. Therefore, Temet decided to deploy an automation solution that would eliminate this non-ergonomic, repetitive task.



Bin Picking Studio + PhoXi 3D Scanner L

Yaskawa Finland Oy manufactured a robot cell for the customer. OEM Finland Oy provided the Bin Picking Studio from Photoneo. This is the first Yaskawa-Photoneo integration in Finland. 

In addition to the robot’s 7 axes, 3 different fixed locations were built for the PhoXi 3D scanner. The robot moves the scanner to a location in the cell as specified in the robot program. It attaches the scanner to racks using 0-point brackets. 

The PhoXi 3D Scanner makes a scan of the whole pallet, localizes the part to be picked and then the robot picks it up and places it to a bending machine. After bending, the parts are placed on a pallet in stacks to wait for the next step.

The cell has space for three pallets. When the first pallet is empty, the robot moves the scanner to another location and the process repeats.  

Photoneo Bin Picking Studio eliminates the need for manual stacking of parts on pallets. The products can be transferred on mixed pallets directly to a robot-assisted bending machine that further processes the products. 



Yaskawa has used Photoneo products and found them optimal for a number of automation solutions.

The solution speeds up production and eliminates one manual, low-value work step.

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