Digital twinning and prototyping of car accessories

May 14, 2024

Facing the challenge of reducing R&D time for the design and production of high-precision car accessories, Weldbeat Australia turned to Photoneo’s MotionCam-3D camera and 3D Instant Meshing software. By leveraging Photoneo technology, Weldbeat managed to streamline their prototyping process, enabling the design and rapid testing before production. This led to enhanced efficiency and quality of Weldbeat’s car accessories.



Weldbeat Australia



Weldbeat Australia, a manufacturer specializing in automotive adventure exterior gear, needed a solution that would significantly reduce R&D time for the design and production of their high-precision car accessories.

Without precise capture of their 3D shape, manual methods of prototyping car accessories are time-consuming and lack precision.

Therefore, Weldbeat Australia decided to use Photoneo MotionCam-3D camera for quick prototyping and manufacturing brackets and fixings for their exterior gear.



MotionCam-3D + 3D Instant Meshing

The solution harnesses the unique capabilities of Photoneo MotionCam-3D camera and 3D Instant Meshing SW. The process consists of digital twinning and prototyping of car parts.

Digital twinning of existing car parts combined with 3D printing enables rapid testing before going to production.

Prototyping with quick 3D model printing enables the design of custom-folded products that precisely conform to specific car body parts.

MotionCam-3D is easy to set up and ready for action in just a few minutes. Combined with Photoneo 3D Instant Meshing SW, the technology enables fast and high-quality 3D scanning for the creation of digital twins.

Utilizing MotionCam-3D in handheld mode, Weldbeat scans the door hinges of a massive sprinter van, showcasing the tools versatility and precision in capturing intricate details. The scan is then processed in 3D Instant Meshing SW and the scan data can be exported as a P.L.Y file, ensuring seamless integration of the mesh into 3D CAD software for convenient and efficient processing.

With its versatile design, Weldbeat effortlessly attached a phone as an external display, allowing them to see in real-time exactly what was being scanned, enhancing precision and ease of use. 

The camera can also seamlessly adapt to static applications – it can be easily mounted on a tripod for stable and precise captures.

By leveraging the Photoneo 3D Instant Meshing technology, which facilitates real-time 3D model generation without halting movement, Weldbeat was able to produce high-quality 3D models. This capability, combined with rapid scanning of the doors’s shape and quick model exportation, enabled them to design custom-folded reinforced plates that precisely conform to the doors’s curves.

The ability to scan specific attachment points for the gear enables Weldbeat to create highly accurate, solid models. This significantly enhances and accelerates their R&D process. By leveraging technology like 3D printing, they can quickly visualize and produce parts within hours.

The parts, once designed, can be directly tested in real-world scenarios, allowing for immediate validation before moving forward with the manufacturing process. By scanning the internal cavity of the hinge, Weldbeat can manufacture a custom-machined, stainless steel threaded insert. This process not only ensures a high-strength fixing but also enhances the payload capacity of Weldbeat products, demonstrating an improvement in durability and functionality. 



According to Weldbeat, their experience with the Photoneo team has been exceptional. Photoneo’s readiness to assist is unparalleled, offering personalized sessions to guide you through set up and calibration for optimal performance.

Thanks to high-quality 3D models, Weldbeat was capable to significantly improve and speed up their designs and a mounting aspect of their product.

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