Automated assembling of spikes on shoes

May 10, 2022





ECCO Sko, a premium manufacturer of footwear and leather accessories, needed an automated solution for assembling spikes on golf shoes. Before, this task was performed manually by employees in Portugal.



Bin Picking Studio + PhoXi 3D Scanner

The automation of assembling spikes on shoes is enabled by 3D vision and robotic intelligence from Photoneo – a PhoXi 3D Scanner and the Bin Picking Studio.

First, the PhoXi 3D Scanner makes a 3D scan of the shoe. Then, the Bin Picking Studio – a versatile robotic intelligence software for bin picking applications – detects the accurate position and angle of the lock mechanisms to navigate the robot and lock the vacuumed spike in the locking mechanism of the shoe sole.



The Bin Picking Studio is available as a complete solution that consists of a vision system, vision controller, and bin picking software.

The customer decided on the Photoneo solution as it provides fast 3D matching and detection of the accurate position and angle of the lock mechanisms. 

The PhoXi 3D Scanner can work efficiently in various lighting conditions, including the daylight, shades, artificial light from lamps, etc.

Automating the task eliminated the monotony and risk of wrist injuries during manual operation.

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