Automated inspection of metal castings

January 27, 2022





The customer decided to automate the process of metal castings inspection. The task was performed manually before, which required a human operator to take each part into his/her hands and inspect it. This was sometimes very inefficient and at the Covid-19 pandemic peak, no operator was allowed to enter the factory.



PhoXi 3D Scanner S

The solution for automated inspection of metal castings consists of 3D vision from Photoneo – the PhoXi 3D Scanner model S, a computer with Nvidia GPU, and PEKAT VISION software.

The PhoXi 3D Scanner captures images in the form of a normal map, which is subsequently sent to a computer installed with PEKAT VISION. PEKAT VISION software was trained for the detection of specific defects – it evaluates received pictures live and detects all defects, which mainly comprise changes in the structure of parts such as scratches, holes, or imperfect casting.

The deployed machine vision helps AI algorithms to avoid reflections in the final image. 



This automation solution can perfectly detect all deviations in the structure of the parts. The benefits of automating the process include increased efficiency as the system can work 24/7 without any break, decreased error rate by at least 20%, and the fact that the system’s performance will not get affected by the Covid pandemic.

This project is still in the preparation phase.

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