Automated pallet unloading

December 3, 2021


MV Center



The customer was not satisfied with the quality, speed, and performance of their previous solution for pallet unloading, which required all samples to be collected but only specific ones were needed.



PhoXi 3D Scanner XL

The new system’s task is to properly unload a pallet loaded with cardboard boxes. The system works in two modes: 

  1. MIX-Pallet – the pallet is filled with cardboard boxes of different sizes. In this mode, all boxes need to be unloaded.
  2. MONO-Pallet – the pallet is filled with cardboard boxes of the same size. In this mode, the system is obliged to select a specific number of cartons. 

The main function of the PhoXi 3D Scanner is to recognize the position of each box on the pallet and send it to the robot. The scanner also gives information about the boxes’ dimensions.



The partner decided to use the PhoXi 3D Scanner model XL because of its large scanning volume, which is suitable for the scanning of large objects, and the high quality of point clouds.

The automation solution helps to save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Another great benefit for the customer is Photoneo’s top technical support.

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