Automated picking and placement of apples

April 13, 2022





Robotic picking of organic materials such as fruit is a challenging task because of the nature of these objects – they have different shapes, varying colors, can be squeezed easily by the robotic gripper, etc.



PhoXi 3D Scanner L

Robovision developed a solution for the customer Sabo Electric S.A. for automated picking of apples and their placement into a box for packaging. This task requires precise robot navigation and robust 3D vision that can handle irregular shapes and shiny surfaces of apples as well as the fact that they are placed randomly in a container.

Based on these requirements, Sabo Electric S.A. decided to use Photoneo 3D vision in the form of a PhoXi 3D Scanner model L.



The PhoXi 3D Scanner is a good fit for this application as it provides reliable performance and robust 3D data in challenging conditions.

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