Automating art – Robotic painting on canvas

April 18, 2024

Automating the painting on canvas with 3D vision-guided robots can provide 1:1 replicas of original paintings while ensuring 100% precision and consistency and significantly increasing efficiency and throughput. This makes it ideal for mass painting production and large-scale projects. 3D s.r.o. developed a unique solution that uses a robot guided by advanced 3D vision from Photoneo and specialized navigation software to paint on canvas with supreme precision and accuracy.






Automating art, specifically painting on canvas, through 3D vision-guided robots can provide precise and consistent results, making it particularly useful for mass-produced paintings, large-scale projects, or making replicas of original paintings to be displayed in galleries across the world.

Automated approach reduces physical strain on artists, increases speed, efficiency, and scalability, and enables the creation of 1:1 replicas with supreme accuracy. It can also lower production costs, which makes art more accessible to a wider audience.

To ensure that a robot knows exactly what and where to paint and which color to choose from a palette, it needs to be precisely navigated by advanced 3D vision.

3D s.r.o. developed a unique solution for automated canvas painting using a robot navigated by cutting-edge 3D vision from Photoneo and special software for visualization and robot navigation.



MotionCam-3D Color 

Robotic painting on canvas with Photoneo 3D vision technology

The solution uses a collaborative ABB robot equipped with 3D vision to navigate in space and on the canvas – the Photoneo 3D camera MotionCam-3D Color, model M.

It all starts with uploading and processing an input image that serves as a model for the robot.

The MotionCam-3D camera, which is mounted to the robotic arm, scans the color pallet as well as the canvas to identify the exact location to be painted by the robot. 

The 3D data from the camera is then sent to the navigation and visualization software developed by 3D s.r.o. The robot starts painting.

During the painting process, the painting progression is constantly compared to the original model to ensure 100% fidelity.

The high-accuracy 3D data from MotionCam-3D Color is used to determine the robot’s precise location in space, its navigation during painting, as well as to determine the position of individual objects on the painting and their visualization on the monitor.

MotionCam-3D Color is an industry-leading sensor that enables real-time, colorful 3D point cloud creation in high quality even if the camera or the scanned object moves. It provides a continuous stream of 3D data without the need to make interruptions for scan acquisition. This is what makes it so unique on the 3D vision market.

The camera provides a resolution of 2 Mpx and an accuracy of 0.300 mm (in the dynamic mode) 0.150 mm (in the static mode).



This solution for automated painting on canvas brings a unique and efficient way to create painting replicas.

Handmade painting is time-consuming, inefficient, and unsustainable for mass production. Automation of painting production increases efficiency, scalability, and enables the creation of 1:1 painting replicas with repeatable accuracy, which a human hand would never be able to achieve.

This helps to preserve cultural heritage and make art accessible to a wider audience.

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