Bin Picking of copper tee pipes (robot grinding workstation)

October 2, 2019


ENAC Service (Shanghai) Ltd



The customer is a high tech manufacturer. The company needs to cope with the following limitations:

  1. The level of skills and proficiency of workers is not uniform.
  2. Manual grinding is exhausting and requires shift changes. A robot can work non-stop, which significantly improves the production efficiency and also the product quality.
  3. The grinding factory is noisy and dusty, with detrimental effects on health. Employing a robot will eliminate this.
  4. Using a robot will reduce labour and management costs.



Bin Picking Studio with a PhoXi 3D Scanner 

Robot no.1 picks a randomly placed rough tee pipe from the bin and places it into the fixture. Robot no.2 starts grinding. When the grinding is finished, robot no.1 picks the processed part and places it into another bin.

Bin Picking studio photoneo









The robot is able to pick randomly placed parts from a bin thanks to the Bin Picking Studio.

The application is currently a demonstration project for an exhibition. The next step will be promoting the Bin Picking Studio for a real industrial application. Its performance, including the grapsing rate, grasping accuracy and the cycle time will still be subject to improvement.

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