Bin picking of shiny metal parts

October 11, 2019


ZF Slovakia, a.s., Levice



The customer needed an automated solution for bin picking of randomly placed, glossy objects. 



Bin Picking Studio, Phoxi 3D Scanner

The parts were randomly placed in boxes (eight boxes pro layer, altogether there were five layers). This required a big scanning volume which the PhoXi 3D Scanner XL was able to provide.

The Bin Picking Studio by Photoneo offers the following features: 

CAD-based object recognition, robot-camera calibration, robot communication interface, path planning and collision avoidance, customisable configuration, high performance vision controller, 5 – 6 seconds cycle time and a dynamic collision zone.



This fully automated process led to time savings, reduction of costs and increase in productivity as compared to performing the task manually.

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