Bin picking with a collaborative unit

September 9, 2021





Bin picking is a complex task as it involves robotic picking of parts that are placed in a container in a chaotic and random manner, without modifying the environment. Before automating the process, the parts needed to be placed in the container manually – one by one and in a specific position so that the robot could handle them. If the parts were not positioned correctly, the robot would not be able to pick them.



PhoXi 3D Scanner + Bin Picking Studio

The automation solution consists of a combination of the Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner, bin picking software Bin Picking Studio, and the MCR (Mobile Collaborative Robot) from Desmasa – a multipurpose unit for working together with an operator in a wide range of industrial applications such as handling, machine maintenance, inspection, logistics, and bin picking.

Photoneo technology helps Desmasa with the bin picking application so that the pieces do not need to be placed in a specific position manually before bin picking.



Desmasa decided to use Photoneo technology based on the unique features of the PhoXi 3D Scanner and the high and reliable performance of Bin Picking Studio. 

Automating the task resulted in time savings, increased productivity, shorter cycle times, a decrease in workplace accidents caused by repetitive movements, and the possibility to free employees for other tasks. 

The solution can be adapted to collaborative environments, allowing work in tight spaces and in collaboration with operators. It is flexible and adaptive, very easily reprogrammed, and can be adapted to different objects. It does not require supervision and is very safe and reliable thanks to the powerful vision system. This type of solution is very interesting for bin picking processes that are highly repetitive and very fast.

The automation solution is able to cover all needs of the production plant with a single unit. It is perfect for companies of all sizes that are automating their production processes.

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